Maddis is a Belgian deejay who lives in the music capital of Belgium, Ghent. Since 2012 he’s the official Belgium RED BULL deejay and travels from party to party, from event to event throughout the country with the RedBull Defender. He has 3 residencies in Belgian clubs as well as 1 international residency in Switzerland. He’s also the proud teamdeejay of the ‘Pedal to the Medal’ show tour. This show is built around 9-times world champion trial biker Kenny Belaey, and is touring all over the world. He decided to be a professional full-time deejay in 2012. That’s why he decided to be a professional deejay in 2012. In 2015 Maddis released his first song with MP records. His tracks were played on Belgian national radio stations and even on IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO. Producing was the logical next step for Maddis.


Maddis has already made international appearances at clubs in Egypt, Qatar, Spain, France and Switzerland. He plays an eclectic mix of funky house, deephouse, commercial house with influences from the urban scene and disco fever! He’s known for his quick interpretation of a crowd and immediately feels which tracks will work in clubs.